Our Story

2017年起我們結連了在發展中國家的小型企業和社會企業,希望透過「The Bridge・橋」成為一個連接城市的渠道,讓人們認識他們的故事和產品,支持他們的工作;另一方面希望可以推廣健康生活及特色手工藝品,以平民化的價錢把健康食品及特色工藝帶到社會各階層。



The Bridge is a platform connecting Social Enterprises all over the world. We spread every stories behind these Social Enterprises and support their works by selling their products. 


You are not only supporting a fair-trade but also help ensuring these Social Enterprises’ local educational work are sustainable.

To know more stories about us or our products, please contact us.